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Shane Keith Warne


The Gin Collection

The SevenZeroEight Gin Collection founded by the legendary sportsman, Shane Warne, is produced in Western Australia with the finest botanicals and offers an award-winning classic dry gin, a reserve gin and mid-strength, low calorie gin and premix cans. 



Shiraz Barrel Reserve Gin

Featuring Shane Warne Image


Our Story

As the founder of SevenZeroEight, Shane Warne, wanted a name personal to him for the Gin Collection. Known as the “King Of Spin” for his game changing bowling technique, Warne achieved a record breaking 708 wickets in his test career, an important number for the world of cricket and the brand name for his collection.

In addition to his 708 record, his cricket career and love of sport was the motivation behind LIGHT 23% ABV. Shane wanted a mid-strength gin you could drink guilt free while enjoying long afternoons watching sport with friends and family. With his number 23 being the inspiration, the team formulated a gin with 23% ABV, less calories and the same great taste as the original.

We are proud to have this collection continue as part of Warne's legacy on behalf of his family and his fans. We look forward to the next phase of 708's journey and the many more opportunities to raise a glass in his honour.

Cheers Warnie, we miss you.


Modern Distilling Technique

A special blend of Juniper, herbs and spices are infused and distilled for 24 hours to create a rich botanical spirit.

Next, the spirit is expertly blended with purified water slowly over a period of one month to ensure a smooth, premium product boasting a balanced flavour profile. 

Premium Ingredients

Sourcing from local and sustainable ingredients where possible, a blend of botanicals including; Juniper, Angelica Root, Cardamom, Coriander, Citrus, Orris and other herbs are used to create a balanced gin with pleasant citrus and herbaceous notes. 

"A good classic nose, sweet luscious balanced palate experience with an intriguing dry finish.” - Australian Gin Awards Judges