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Limited Edition Barrel Reserve Gin

SevenZeroEight RESERVE- Limited Edition Shiraz Barrel Reserve Gin is created by aging the multi-award winning 708 Classic Dry GIN in select Margaret River Shiraz barrels delivered directly after bottling is completed. Each batch of RESERVE is aged for over 100 days to allow the gin to take on characteristics of the Shiraz and the barrel itself. The result is a smooth and silky, pale amber coloured gin with added depths of flavor from the tannins and the oak. 




Batch 001, Numbered 001-300

*numbers are given randomly and can not be chosen*


The palate begins with a sweet cherry on the tip of the tongue, brightening with moderate lemony citrus and some red fruits as the gin continues to develop some herbal notes with a touch of rosemary. A lasting finish of subtle spicy oak with a hint of dark cherry and a smooth finish. 


The RESERVE bottle design keeps in-line with the modern, minimalist Shane Warne Signature Label   design featured across the SevenZeroEight collection. However, because of the RESERVE’s stunning colour, the front label has been made clear to highlight the gin’s pinkish hue, as well as, reveal an iconic image of our founder, Shane Warne. The back label features the batch number and individual bottle number, making each bottle unique and significant. 

 **Special Edition Product- Discount Codes DO NOT APPLY**


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